Thought for the day

Thought for the day…Wow, today is a tough day. The kids were actually fine, but I am tired. The children listened, did what was needed, and got out the door in record time. My husband and I clicked and the morning actually went quite smooth…but I am tired. There is an all over exhaustion that is hitting my emotions and my body, and this compassion fatigue that I am experienced has nothing to do with my children. I have a meeting today and the fatigue I am experiencing is connecting with how professionals around me just aren’t supportive. I know that I will need to fight for myself and my children. I know that what is said will not necessarily be what gets done or what gets written. I know this from experience…a LOT of experience. A LOT of meetings like this. So, why am I telling you this? I know how to up my self care, and have. I know how to seek out empathetic friends and how to talk it out, and I have. I am still experiencing such a struggle and frustration with the system that I am in. You see, the problem does not go away…It is consistent in its barrage of blame and confusion. I suppose I wanted to share because it is important that you know it isn’t easy for any of us. We know the answers and if we practice what we preach, it gets better…it does help, but it is also still hard for us. You are not struggling alone and your compassion fatigue does not mean you are failing. This is an experience like any other, one where we have an opportunity to seek for and get help. I am searching the help of others and cannot do it alone. I am still strong and able, I just need to get help. You too are not alone and you are still strong. In fact, I was told once that it is the strong who search out help when they need it. Searching for help means that you are brave enough and strong enough to do what is needed even when things are hard. Today I am going to be brave and strong amidst adversity…I am going to get some self care and ask for help. I hope this post finds you brave enough as well, to tell someone you are in compassion fatigue. Let us help you, we understand, we experience it and we do know how hard it really is.

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