Therapeutic Education & P.A.C.E. in Schools

A four hour face to face or online course.

Aim: to give an understanding of the Dan Hugh’s model of PACE ( Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) as well as strategies to implement it.

Objective: To explain about the foundations of development and why ‘normal’ ways of dealing with pupils don’t work.  To explain what Therapeutic Education is, giving examples and information on PACE and its implementation in daily life. Giving an overview of tools and strategies to better understand behaviours and what to do when they occur.  Foundation for changing the way you think about a young person’s behaviours and how you manage them. This is about changing how you see and react to behaviours. An individualised course that focuses on the issues you face and a more personalised view of how to implement P.A.C.E practically. We look at how it will be different in every school and student.

To book this course please email with details of a date and number of participants.

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