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The BDA journal

This is a journal created to support the step of “curiosity” in Therapeutic Parenting. It is a tool that was created to support training by Treehouse Therapeutic training to help learn those things your child does that just do not make sense. Using this journal consistently will help the parents/carers to discover why certain behaviours are happening. Discovering the reasons behind a child’s behaviours will then help the parent to support the child’s needs and to get in sooner, to help the child before there is a digression in behaviour. It helps the adult to be curious, helping them to view what is happening in a child’s life. Anytime the parent thinks “that came from nowhere” or “there was no trigger” this journal should be used to enable the adult to discover the trigger that caused the behaviour. (Please see our associated video for further details on its use.)


Our Videos


This is the link to the free videos we have created for use with therapeutic parenting.


Books written by Cara

A Therapeutic Story book by Cara Leigh Jones.

Sir Knight and the Red Feather is about a Knight that loses his very special red feather and then goes through emotional turmoil while trying to find it. He experiences frustration, anger, sadness and thinking of lying. He does not initially ask for help and tries to fix his problem himself as well as trying to come up with a lie to fix it. This book was created as a therapeutic tool in order to help teach children about asking for help and that everyone makes mistakes. Sir Knight is a brave Knight and yet he also is afraid of making a mistake.



Second in the Sir Knight series by Cara Jones

A story about a Sticky Toffee Frog who struggles with her differences and learns how to cope with them. This is the second book in the Sir Knight series. The series was created for children with additional needs such as Autism, ADHD and trauma to better understand themselves and to be given simple tools to help. These books are also valuable to begin the discussion about why some people are different. Perhaps they know another student that struggles in class and they don’t understand why, with the books in the Sir Knight series a discussion can occur that will help them find understanding about the needs of others.


Speck and the Wish

Speck was created to engage a child’s imagination and allow the child to imagine themselves as any character, to simply enjoy the storytelling. Speck starts in a world by themselves with the story ending with the creation of stars and the world below. Speck is a character that is not male or female, but non-binary. Any child can connect with the character and imagine themselves as part of the story. It is a beautiful story with bright colourful pictures and gives the reader a creative creation story for the first wishing star.