New book release!

It is here!!! If you would like to order your next book in the Sir Knight series here is the link.

A story about a Sticky Toffee Frog who struggles with her differences and learns how to cope with them. This is the second book in the Sir Knight series. The series was created for children with additional needs such as Autism, ADHD and trauma to better understand themselves and to be given simple tools to help. These books are also valuable to begin the discussion about why some people are different. Perhaps they know another student that struggles in class and they don’t understand why, with the books in the Sir Knight series a discussion can occur that will help them find understanding about the needs of others.

It is not meant to answer all the questions about learning or emotional difficulties, but to give children characters that they can connect with, perhaps a character that experiences their same problems, or the same problems of another child they know. It is also not meant to give every tool or support, but to open up the idea that there are things that can help, to make things better.

Sir Knight books also have the picture separate from the text to simplify reading, for less visual confusion. We hope that it also creates an easy way for a child to point at pictures and still allow their adult to still see the words, so that the child reading feels free to point at and touch the book. The colours of the pages and the text were chosen to enable easier reading for those with dyslexia. The different coloured picture backgrounds also help a child to remember what page they were on, it creates differences and a visual excitement around turning from one page to another. The texture of the book is matt so that it is not overly smooth, making it easier to hold and to help with those with a sensory disorder. A lot of thought has been put into how the pages were put together, we hope you value it as much as we do.