Therapeutic tool…a straw.
What can you do with a straw? If you drink through a straw you use more muscles in your face and the action of sucking on the straw can help a child regulate their emotions. Drinking think shakes is a great way to help a child calm down and to then redirect their energies.
A straw can be an easy way to create fun. Put different items on a flat space. Which item will react to you blowing on it through the straw? What direction do they go? you can do this with spilt milk! Something spilled is a great excuse for a little bit of fun before having to clean up. Playing first will also help to take away the fear response you may see from them accidentally (or even on purpose) spilling.
Straws are a simple tool to keep on hand in order to use the facial muscles, de-stress, and just add a bit more fun to the day. Carry one with you and see what different opportunities you can find to use it!

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