Today we trained a groups of staff from a children’s home.  We were very impressed by their knowledge and their working practices that they already used.  During the training Cara looked at strategies to use for PACE and she has a few but it’s always nice to have a ‘real life’ example.  On Twitter today a parent was concerned about their child escaping from a child seat and what could be done as the child was now being excluded due to it being Council transport.  She used this learning opportunity to explain about the ‘curiosity’ of PACE, how we could find out what had changed and we saw that there had been many changes made which probably exacerbated the situation.  Stepping back and looking at a situation from all sides is always a good thing when being curious about a problem.

Next time you have a problem be curious.  What has changed?  Have too many things changed? Have you thought about using our BDA journal (available to buy soon)?

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