Thought for the day…Sometimes we all scream in our pillow.
I don’t know if you have ever looked at old posts on Facebook, or looked back at a journal that you wrote years or even just months ago, but if you have, you will likely see a lot of up and down. You will note good days and bad. You will see periods of stress and periods of calm, this is normal.
Through this period in our lives, this parenting phase, you will in particular see days that you love your children and think they are angels mixed with days you want to run away and pull all your hair out. Two extremes I know, but both extremes are valid and both are real, parenting is very up and down, there isn’t just one straight line of comfort that we get to stay on.
There is not a single person in this life that does not want to strangle their child on occasion. Of course we don’t actually strangle them, we instead go to our room and scream in our pillow or take a walk, but there are times that every child tests the patience of the parent. On these days I want you to remember that EVERYONE feels like this. Everyone has good and bad days.
On social media it is easy for people to offer us just the happy glimpse, the good moment. Parenting specialists in the media give us a vision of always having happy days, of always knowing what to do and will have that perfect tool on hand to give them the perfect parenting moment, but even if they show you a life of perfection please know that they too have lives that go up and down, good and bad. They have parenting days where they too are screaming in their pillow!
Please, today, when you view your world and view it through the lens of social media picture this perfect parent screaming in their pillow. They are likely not going to show you that moment, they only want you to see the happy ones (they sell better),and just because they don’t show it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
If today is a pillow screaming kind of day, remember that parenting does not happen in a straight line, it goes up and down. You will have a good day, a good moment coming up. It may happen today, it may happen tomorrow, I can’t promise you when, but I can promise you that it will happen (eventually) and especially if you use therapeutic parenting 🙂

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