Thought for the day – Be your best “you”

Thought for the day – Be your best “you” and stop comparing yourself to others.

We all do it, we look at Facebook posts, Twitter, and TikTok and all the other social media sites and we look to see how everyone else is doing things and then we look inward and judge our lives by how others are doing. Please, just be your best “you” and stop comparing yourself and your parenting to others.
One reason to stop comparing is that often what you see on social media sites is a person’s “prettiest” moment, and not a “real” one. You will see an edited version on their life. They will show a picture of a clean house, smiling children and fancy clothes, but won’t show you the screaming and crying before the perfect shot was taken. You also wont see the mess in the rest of the house!
Another reason to not compare yourself to others is that people will generally share with you only their joys and not their failures. The fact is that none of us are always happy. We cannot succeed at everything we do. People though generally do not share their tears, sadness and mistakes. They will show you their trophies, awards and let you know how amazingly happy they are (which may be real, but it isn’t 24/7).
Finally, and most importantly, who you are is good enough. Your looks, your parenting, and your talents make you the “you” that the world needs. We don’t need more of other people, we need “you”. Your child need you to be you. You simply are enough. You are as beautiful and talented as all those other people you are comparing yourself to. Please just be the best “you” that you can be and stop comparing yourself to the pretend social media world.