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Reviews on Compassion Fatigue

Just had some fantastic reviews from our recent Zoom course on Compassion Fatigue, 100% said training was relevant to their needs and that the content was well prepared and engaging.

Here’s some quotes:

“Really enjoyed the course.”

“Well delivered, the right pace and attendees encouraged to participate. Theory incorporated into foster carer practice and therapeutic parenting strategies.”

“An excellent training session. Really informative & interesting.”

“I think it could be a good pick me up. If needed. Let’s people see their self-worth.”

“This was a voluntary training and I am so glad I attended as I’ve learnt so much about Compassion Fatigue.”

Exciting News!

Watch this space! Creating some new training for foster parents! We currently have Therapeutic Parenting, PACE, compassion fatigue…hoping to roll out a new one! Not giving it away until its finished! Can’t wait as it is exciting and new!

Webinar on Nurturing & Replenishing Empathy

Free Webinar – Thursday 4th February – 4pm GMT
What the world needs now… Nurturing & replenishing empathy.
This webinar will help us think together about what empathy actually is, how it develops and how it can be helped to develop. Are hours spent online and working virtually having a negative effect on how we can attune to one another?
And what happens when our own empathy gets blocked? How can free we ourselves up again to empathise with our pupils and clients, carers and parents, our colleagues, our community and ourselves?
With Michele Crook, CEO of Babywatching UK, Tanya Wallis, Counsellor from Croydon Drop-In, and Dr Dan Hughes, Child & Adolescent Psychologist