Therapeutic Tool – Extra!

Extra what? Extra everything! If you know your child needs it, if you know your child likes it, then have extra on hand.
We have a child that goes through trousers, they get ripped in the knees and the butt. We keep a cheaper brand on hand so that when they are torn they can be replaced without a huge expense and without any drama. This gives them the feeling that they can trust us to be there for them when needed, and it keeps me from having to run around and find the trousers that I need at odd hours of the night. So school uniform, always a good idea to keep something on hand!
What about your child’s favourite sensory toy? Once you know what your child likes, what works, always get another one. Why? If your child uses it, it will wear out. Your child may also forget it. I also suggest to get multiples and keep them in different areas so you do not forget them. Keep one in the car, one at home, and one in your bag. This also keeps you from losing your only one and going through the struggle of finding out that they no longer make their favourite colour or shape.
When you find something that works simply make sure you have it on hand in case it gets lost/ruined. It sounds like an easy thing to do, and maybe even a waste, but if you have things on hand to replace missing items then you are filling a need and likely will stop the possible meltdown that will happen when that item is not there. The key is to get it before you need it, not after.
This works for snacks, toys, bedding, clothing, crafting material or even a favourite book. Whatever it is that your child most likes and is comforted by, whatever it is that keeps your home ticking along with less drama, keep extra on hand…it may just save you when you need it most!

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