Thought for the day – The Professionals

I call myself a “professional therapeutic parent”. I am a foster carer, but I don’t think that says everything I do. Today I found myself juggling meetings, school various kids events as well as trying to fit a drive in for my young person who has her test next week.
What we do is larger than just being a parent, we juggle schedules, advocate for our children and continue to educate ourselves so that we can be the parent that our children need in order to heal.
What we do is hard, but it is worth it.
I suppose I would like you today to look at yourself. Look at how much you have learned, how hard you are working and know that you are highly valued. You are a professional at what you do. Don’t let anyone send you down the path of doubt. Don’t let anyone minimise the job you are doing. You are building a future for a child and doing it to the best of your ability and your talents are special, not everyone can do this. Keep your head up during those meetings in school when others think they know best. Hold your head up and your shoulders straight when you need to face other parents and explain about your child. Keep your head up and know that you are valued and that you are a professional doing a highly skilled job.
Claim who you are, you aren’t “just” a carer…you are so much more than I found my title, I am a “Professional Therapeutic Parent”…who are you?
Why not listen to this song by Ben Howard – Keep your Head Up

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