Thought for the day – Not going to plan

Everything isn’t always going to go to plan and that is OK.

Sometimes things just happen and people make mistakes. Life does not happen in a straight line, things go wrong. Are those things sometimes the person’s fault? Yes, but are they always? No, sometimes things are simply out of our control.
We are human, appointments get missed, tires on the car blow, and babysitters cancel. Plans get messed up, things simply do not always go to plan.
We can choose what we think is the best school, do our homework and meet everyone involved and then it can turn into the worst choice ever.
We can make a plan to meet a friend for lunch and then forget, accidentally hurting the person we most wanted to see.
We can oversleep and arrive late for an important appointment, oversleeping due to pure exhaustion.
We can make all the plans in the world, micro manage every aspect and things will still go wrong! Why does this happen?
Because we are human and life happens. We make mistakes, we forget, we become over stressed and our brains leave us less room to think straight! We cannot micro manage our life into a perfect one where nothing goes wrong…so please try your best but ease up on yourself, forgive yourself and move on.
An appointment missed can be rescheduled. You can arrive late to a meeting (many social workers know the truth in this! lol). You can call your friend and apologise, being honest about your mistake. You can even accept that the school is crap and try again at a different one.
Life is not a straight line with only one set of answers. We mess up and we get do overs. We get another chance. We get to forgive ourselves for being human and we get to forgive others for the same thing…for not being perfect. Everything in life will not go to plan and that is ok. Does it suck sometimes? yes, but does it stay that way? no.
I hope you give yourself a break today, forgive yourself for not being able to always have super powers. Everything will not go to plan, but that is actually ok….now breath.
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