Thought for the day – Lucky?

Foster children are not “lucky” to be in foster care.

Each and every child in this world should have a loving and safe home to live in. They should each be in their homes with their families. They should each have food, clothing and a nice clean home. Each child in this world should have what they need to live safe and happy lives.
The child in Foster care is not “lucky” to have your clean home. They are not “lucky” to be gifted with your time. We are giving them exactly what every child born deserves. They do not ask to be born into their abusive, neglectful and dysfunctional homes, being taken into care is not their fault, it is not their “bad luck”.
These children have lost their homes, schools, family, friends and most of their belongings. These children were likely neglected, abused, and terrified since birth. They were traumatised by the situation they were born into. Going into care is the bare minimum they deserve. Every person should as a minimum be safe and healthy. The children in Foster care did not receive the minimum…they are not “lucky”.
Are we glad that others step up and open their homes? yes, because without those who foster, these children may never see, feel or experience a safe, loving and warm home. It is needed, it is beautiful and it is amazing. Please just remember that while this is an amazing thing we do, these children do not need to feel grateful, they have already lost more than you can ever imagine and they deserve what every child deserves…a safe, clean, loving home.
Thank you for being that person who offers it, please just remember that if your child does not feel thankful or “lucky” that in truth they aren’t…they are just finally getting what every child born deserves.