Thought for the day – Claim your victories!

Claim your victories!

We all know what it is like, the stress of dealing with an education and social care system that appears to often be broken. We know how it feels to be frustrated at the feeling of everything going wrong.  In fact, we often know what to do with those feelings and take a deep breath getting ready for the fight, but what do we do when something works?  When we actually get what is needed for our children?
I know, some of you will ask me if I am being funny, but it does happen.  Sometimes our fight does get things to go right. Sometimes all the work we put in will create a positive change for our child. I suggest that often we simply look for the next fight, but I am here today asking you not to…at least give your fight a break for a good week or two and enjoy your win.
It is OK to gloat a bit, to smile and feel good about all the hard work you put in. Do your winners dance and a little jig, enjoy the feeling of relief when you actually get.
Also thank those who helped you to make it happen. They may be your partner, a friend, or even the person you were fighting with! Thanking others will help to create a positive reaction the next time you request a change.
Next make sure you write it down, add the date and everything! Why? So that next year when things are going so well you can look back and remember that you do win your fights, that you do what is right for your child and don’t give up.
I made this post today because I feel like as parents of higher needs children we seem to be always fighting or trying to figure out the next problem. We don’t often get a chance to sit back and enjoy a “win”. Take time enjoying your wins when you get them. Savour them and treat them as very special moments because they are hard fought for and wonderful moments to remember and enjoy.
If you have any wins that you would like to do a little bragging about feel free to share them with us, we love to hear about your wins as much as we also love to help you with your struggles.
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