Thought for the day – Being overwhelmed

May be an image of indoorWe can’t control everything, but there is great power in learning what we can control.
Sometimes life gets out of hand. Bills need paid, schools need called and life can just generally get overwhelming and feel out of hand. Right when you think you have it all under control something happens and boom…overwhelmed again. We can’t fix everything or stop bad things from happening, but we can decide how to react, and learning what we can actually control.
Recently I was overwhelmed with some things that were happening and I took a break, got some self care which was much needed (thank you to my wonderful husband for supporting this)! What’s funny is that resting isn’t the thing that gave me my lightbulb moment. What gave me my lightbulb moment was a meme I saw on Chrysalis Consortium’s Facebook page and on it I saw that we need to learn to let go of those things we have no control over. It was one of those “get knocked in the head” moments, a reminder that I was in fact trying to control way too much.
Life was overwhelming, a lot was going on with schools, children and family, but it was my wanting to control it all that was actually causing me the most stress. It isn’t easy letting go of those things, sometimes it feels good trying and or gaining control over situations, but that feeling is often temporary and creates more pressure, more stress. There are simply things I can delegate and things that I have no control over that I needed to let go of in order to stay healthy.
Today take a moment and consider if the thing most on your mind is something you can control. Is it someone else’s reaction? This you can’t control. Is it how the system is built (fighting an education system would fit here), this is something you likely cannot control. So what can you control? You can control how you react to those things and control your boundaries.
What about our children? We can’t control some of the behaviours, but we can control how we react to them. We can also control the self care needed to stay strong in order to support our children better. We may not be able to get a weeks break, but we can find time for a chat with a friend or a cup of tea.
My lightbulb moment was a reminder that I was trying to control too much and so I was getting tired. I let myself get way too tired! Today I am asking you to look at your peace of mind and see if maybe, just maybe there are some things that you are trying to control that you just can’t fix. If you can, try to let them go, it will help to give you the strength to actually control those things you can control.