Thought for the day…we all need someone to ask us how we are doing. As care givers we spend a lot of time taking care of others, but who is taking care of us? Do you have people who check in on your emotions? Do you have someone to message you and see if you are ok? Do you always say “I’m fine, don’t worry about me”?
So many times we are the strong ones, the ones who fix the problems of other people. I am here to ask you if you allow others to take care of you? Do you always say “I’m fine” even when you are not fine? Do you pass off your emotions to help others?
This year, while we are going through another bout of Covid, and another year where we do need to be there for others, please also take care of yourself. Find someone who is going to message you or call and ask how you are. Do be honest and share your load, its ok that you aren’t “fine” all of the time.
I know it is the polite thing to say “I’m fine”, but if it isn’t true and you need a friend to listen, then give them a chance to be the friend you need them to be. We all need someone to ask sometimes, its called sharing the load and it lightens things up just enough that things become easier and after talking you really might just feel “fine” (or at least a bit better than you did before).

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