Thought for the day

Thought for the day…To be loved and accepted the way we are, isn’t that what we all want?
Today I watched as a child struggled with wanting to be loved. They try so hard! The problem is that they don’t know how to seek out safe love. They don’t have social skills and have not clue what to do once they are loved and accepted. While they struggled with social skills and ended up pushing others away, I am left with the feeling that they just want what we all do, to be loved and accepted just the way we are.
The trouble is that they do not have the skills to meet their need. This child is unable to see it, experience it or to show love and acceptance. This is not their fault, it is their trauma’s fault. But here I am and guess what? I want the same thing. I want those around me to love and accept me.
So often we look at those that come to us and see the differences, we forget that we likely all want the same things. We are all searching for love and acceptance. The difference is that we can make healthy choices while seeking it and our children cannot.
We are all different, but we are also very much the same. We are all searching for the same love and acceptance. We all want friends, family and togetherness. The difference is that many of our children just lack the ability to see it, experience it or show it. If we understood this, it just might help us to offer them the acceptance and empathy they really need.

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