Thought for the day

Thought for the day…seeing is important! I know, you would think that being able to use all of our senses if a given, but recently I was reminded how difficult things are when one of your senses just doesn’t work right.
I got new glasses, only after getting them I kept seeing double. My reading was fuzzy and they just didn’t work for anything close up. My distance was fine, but my reading was not! This inability to see clearly, to read properly really frustrated me. I struggled every time I put on my glasses. Of course I am able to know it can be fixed and made an appointment to get them adjusted, but our children aren’t able to just get their senses “fixed”.
Many of our children struggle with how they see, hear, feel, or taste. They struggle with things like holding a pencil or tolerating a new food. So many things make them frustrated. They are also often unable to tell us what is causing the frustration. So, what do we do?
We wonder aloud about what might be causing the problem. We watch and pay attention to what may be causing their frustration and struggle. It is up to us as the carer/parent to do the investigating and to do what we can to try and alleviate the issue.
My fix is generally easy, I need to go in and have my glasses adjusted. Their fix may mean cutting all the tags off their shirts or eating mostly mashed up foods.
Look at your children when they are struggling and consider whether or not it could be something they are seeing, hearing, touching or tasting that is causing the problem, it may just be a quick fix that can alleviate their pain and struggle.

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