Thought for the day

Thought for the day….we break, we have moments that feel like a crushing defeat. We have moments where we fall low and feel as if we can no longer get up. Sometimes this is caused by what is happening in our homes with our children. Sometimes this crushing is caused by those around us; spouses, friends and family who don’t get it. Sometimes it is the system that we are a part of, the system that takes away our rights and does not see how hard this is without the proper support. Sometimes we break because our past gets pulled along with us and we relive the pain of what once was. All of these are painful and hurt. We might cry, scream, eat a lot of chocolate and just scream some more. We have that moment of pure frustration and not being sure of the next step. Here in this place, in this moment of clear agony we become the same. Our differences don’t matter. In this moment it does not matter if we are foster, birth or SGO.  Here in this moment of tears is where we can support one another and have empathy for the others struggles. We know how hard this is. We get it. We can also share that it does not stay forever in that low moment. Just like we have a low moment, we also share the experience of the wonderful highs. Those moments of perfection and clarity. That time where they went to bed and allowed you rest or when the therapeutic response worked. We all can share in the moment when someone understood what we were saying or patted us on the back. I get it, those high moments and times of peace can seem very far away…especially when you are at what feels like your lowest, but they aren’t that far removed from where you are. Reach out…send a post asking for a needed hug. Let others know how you are feeling so that they can help you feel better and help you get closer to another wonderful moment. We really have all been there…I hope that you share with us your good times and bad. I hope that if anything, you learn that you really are not alone…we are here for you and we do “get” it.

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