Therapeutic tool – Simplify

Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation is to make it simple. I know that I can talk a little too much and over explain. Am I trying to help my child understand? Yes, but I may also be confusing them by trying too hard to explain. How do you simplify?

First try to use words on your child’s level. If you have a 3 yo child you don’t want to use university level grammar. If they are confused by what you are saying then the info is not going to stick.

Next, use one step at a time. Is there something that needs to be done? Give it to your child one direction at a time. So “please pick up your glass” instead of “please pick up your glass, put away your shoes and then…etc”. you get the idea. One task at a time simplifies things and helps to keep them from becoming overwhelmed.

Finally, slow down. When a child is already overloaded emotionally it can be hard for them to take on additional information. What our brain can process is much different from what they can. Slow down a bit, take a breath and and simply try not to talk too fast.

Speak at your child’s level, give one step at a time, and slow down. Simplifying your communication with your child can help to keep them from becoming overloaded with information and help them to actually take on the info you want them to have.

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