Therapeutic tool…chewy sweets.

Ok, your dentist may not love this idea (just remember to brush those teeth) but your child can be helped with the simple use of a chewy sweet.
A chewy sweet tastes good, but it also helps the child to calm down. Chewing uses the muscles in the face and helps the child to focus on something different.
The chewy sweet can help lower cortisol levels and give your child a reason to smile. Who isn’t happy when chewing on something tasty?
One other thing it can do is slow down talking! Those non stop chatter boxes? You can actually get a moment of silence from a sticky, ooey, gooey sweet!
Keeping a sweet on hand an help in so many situations. Struggling in a queue? Bring out a sweet to re-direct and to help your child calm down. Is your child talking your ear off and you need to make a phone call? chewy sweet to the rescue!
Are we trying to make chubby, cavity filled children? No, you can find chewy sweets that are even sugar free. Gum also works, still chewy and still sweet. A chewy sweet is simply an item easy to have around in a pocket or a bag. It doesn’t take up much room and it helps your child to regulate their emotions.
Remember this isn’t a bribe, so you don’t say “I will give you this if you are quiet”. This is simply handed over for the child to enjoy for a moment to help them use their facial muscles, calm down and to give you a few minutes to redirect what is happening.
One other quick note…they are also lovely for the adult as well, so carry a few and enjoy a moment of sweet chewiness for yourself 🙂

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