Therapeutic Tool – A piece of material

A large piece of material; sheet, duvet cover, or throw.

What can a large piece of material do? It can be your tool for engagement, it can be nurturing and can be used for a sensory room.
First of all it can become an imaginative place for play, to engage with the child and have fun. You can create a tent and use it to imagine you are camping out (right in the middle of the living room). You can drape it over a table to create a tent, playing hide and seek which will help to build on your child’s object permanence. This fun can be had for free, with just the help of a large piece of material and a bit of imagination.
Second it can nurture. Put it in the dryer to make warm, add a nice smelling softener and when you bring it out use it to snuggle your child. The warmth and nice smell will be nurturing and may offer an opportunity for connection.
Third you can use it to create a sensory room. Drape it on the bottom of a bunk bed or make a tent using the dining room table. Once you have your tent created add some lights and soft pillows and blankets. This creates a warm safe place to use for a sensory room.
Look at your extra blankets and sheets in a different way, imagine what they can do and how they can be used for some sensory play. You don’t need expensive toys to connect with your child, sometimes the simplest things are the things you already have on hand. Next time you make the bed consider that maybe that duvet cover could do something else…before it lands on your bed.

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