Therapeutic Tool

Therapeutic tool…A soft large blanket.
Playing peek-a-boo teaches object permanence. When children from trauma miss vital developmental steps it can hinder their future developmental and emotional growth, playing peek-a-boo with help build the missed step but also help to support playfulness and the building of attachment.
You can also use the blanket to nurture, snuggling them into it to watch a movie or when they feel a bit chilled. Taking the time to notice that they need comfort and offering it willingly in the shape of a warm and cuddly blanket.
The blanket can be also used to regulate their emotions. Two adults can grab an end to the blanket and gently rock the child between you (hold tight as dropping them would hurt and is not recommended).
Another way the blanket can regulate a child’s emotions is by rolling them up tight in it, the pressure on their muscles has been proven to help some children feel safer and to calm them down. Always to this safely, with head in the open and only as tight as the child is comfortable. Just a gentle roll in the blanket and one that can easily be gotten out of as well. Safety always comes first!
Blankets can be used to make forts and play pretend, laughing and giggling as they play hide and seek or create imaginative worlds.
When children are overwhelmed by the world whether in the car or out and a bout, a blanket over the head can help to cut off all the sights and dampen the sounds that are overwhelming.
Blankets are easy to wash and soon become a favourite for the child…so give it a go, find a blanket just right for your child and use it to help them feel safer, happier and to build on your playfulness and attachment.

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