Therapeutic Tool

Therapeutic tool…A cup of coffee/tea
Sometimes the tool you need is 5 minutes to yourself to enable you to calm down, take a breath and carry on. We cannot engage 24/7 without needing a break. Maybe we don’t have an hour or a day to get away, but we can normally find 5 minutes to sit and have a cuppa (even if it means hiding in the toilet to get your 5 minutes).
When you find yourself overwhelmed or just getting angrier a lot easier, take a step back, take a breath and have a sit down. Enjoy your favourite beverage and even a treat. It is ok if the dishes sit a bit longer or the laundry doesn’t get immediately folded. Take a few minutes to care for yourself.
You are the most important part of therapeutic parenting. Without you it wont happen, so please take care of yourself. Time is so often the issue (we are just too busy to take care of ourselves). So today start with giving yourself a 5 minute sit down with your favourite warm drink. Give yourself the tool of peace, even if just for 5 minutes at a time…