Therapeutic tool! Toilet paper…TP…bog roll…loo roll…it has so many names! Toilet paper believe it or not is a great tool for helping your child calm down. Toilet paper is also cheap, easy to clean up, and you can find it everywhere you go.
The toilet paper toss: tear off pieces and throw it at one another. Do they go further when you roll them up tight? Can you make a ball and throw it at a target? Throwing the TP uses your muscles, playing a game with it builds attachment, and its softness can be very nurturing and comforting.
The toilet paper roll: Can you roll the toilet paper to each other? Does it roll straight? Crooked? how many squares can you roll it? Count them, tear them and make a pile, see who has the most. (then use them for a toilet paper toss).
Finding simple items any where you go helps to give you tools to redirect your child when they are struggling, it also helps to built a connection as you play. So go be silly, see what you can do with a roll of TP.

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